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Caught With My Pants Down – I owe you an apology

Sorry– It looks like I accidentally misled my readers last week, and I want to clear things up.  

I wrote about my friends Eric and Craig creating a “game” that has real scientific evidence pointing to its ability to make a woman (or man) fall in love with you… Pretty amazing!

They made the game into a cool little deck of cards, sent me one for review, and said that they were giving them away for free, and if I wanted to share it with my readers, they’d only charge shipping and handling.

Well, the deck is great, the science is real, and honestly I dig mine and it now has a  spot on the coffee table for easy access.  

It’s great for couples who want to get closer, deepen their relationship, and fall even more in love with each other (really!)…

Eric and Brett (who are dating coaching in NYC) have primarily been playing with it as an ice-breaker, a date-maker, or a fun little game-taker you can bring along to a bar– and then use it to create ACTUAL romantic connection with the woman who joins you for a quick game.

Pretty cool, and even more cool because there’s nothing “fake” or “tricky” about it– just the opposite, it actually encourages you to get vulnerable and get to know each other for real.

In fact, if I was single, the first thing I’d say to an attractive woman is: “Play this quick game with me and I’ll bet we’ll fall in love!”

So… I stand by my recommendation of “The Deck-Of-Destiny

BUT before you click and grab yours, please note that THERE IS A CATCH…

I was under the impression that the catch was simply that they’d have your name, email, and address, and they could then market their dating coaching services to you–

But it’s a bit more involved than that, and I don’t want you to feel trapped, tricked, or lied to…

When you get the free Deck-of-Destiny, you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in Craig’s Gotham Dating Inner Circle  Membership on a “trial” basis.

And, if you’re single, and you’re looking for a gradual, hand-holding program that will lead you through weekly lessons to becoming comfortable with meeting attractive women, it’s actually quite a good program.  Craig is a smart, compassionate, and gentle teacher, and I know that his students in NY get real results.

However, if you’re in a relationship, it’s probably going to be quite useless for you.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:  You will be re-billed for this membership on an automatic basis if you don’t cancel.  (Canceling is quick and easy my emailing their support and you won’t be billed)

When you check out on the page that charges shipping and handling, it does clearly note this fact, but some of my readers have complained that they didn’t see that, and I believe it’s my fault because I said there were no strings attached, and this is absolutely a string!

My current recommendation:

The Deck-Of-Destiny is a great find, a cool thing to have, and could seriously, actually, and really be the thing that brings you together with the girl of your dreams– which is pretty damn valuable!  So I still say:

Get This Thing While It’s Free!

Craig Miller Destiny Cards GameNow given that the Deck actually is a cool give-away, I think the fair and honest thing to do is check out Craig’s Inner Circle membership and give it an honest evaluation as to wether it’s something you want to keep… 

If you don’t like it, you don’t think it’s worth it, can’t afford it, or if you’re in a relationship and it just doesn’t have any value for you, then, of course, you can cancel immediately by emailing support@gothamclub.com and you won’t be billed.

Final word:  As always, if for some reason you feel like you are treated unfairly by Craig, Eric, and the Gotham Dating Club, and they don’t take good care of you, contact me right here and I’ll make sure you get every penny of your money back or pay you out of my own pocket.

When I give you my recommendation, I consider it my responsibility.

Again, apologies to those of you who already ordered your Deck without realizing the conditions.  That was on me.

If you haven’t yet, then you are now forewarned…

And with that info, I still absolutely recommend you check out both the Deck-Of-Destiny, and the free trial to Craig’s Inner Circle.

Get The Deck-Of-Destiny for only shipping/handling right here
Craig Miller Free Card Game

Craig Miller FREE Card Game



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